pitchbright° is a studio for brand transformation and communication.

Collaborating with other creatives, strategists and consultants, I develop brand concepts and content, supported by Data-Analytics and latest AI-tools, without agency overheads.

Because big ideas need brain cells, not square metres, we work remotely from home or directly on site.

With just one goal in mind: happiness for everyone involved, including your CFO.

Felix Glauner

Data-Analytics + Insights
What is your brand's status? What makes the competition tick? Data-Analytics and Social-Listening provide deep insights. We shed light on new playing fields and relevant target groups to explore the future potential of your brand.
Brand Concept + Design
Only a relevant, memorable brand message in a distinctive design makes a brand unique. We define the idea, look and feel of your brand and bring it (back) to life.
Brand Story + Content
Your brand becomes tangible to be experienced emotionally. With stories and content that move viewers and market shares. We design content for all relevant channels of the customer journey, which we then bring to life together with specially selected cooperation partners.

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