I'm an experienced marketing-creative and -strategist. Whether it's concept development, copywriting, art direction, design or simply leading pitches, I have perfected my craft as chief creative officer of some of the best ad-agencies in Germany.

Having developed award-winning and effective campaigns for both blue chips and start-ups, I had the honor of being a member of the Cannes Lions - and D&AD - film jury.  Being co-founder of the health tech start-up patient.one and inventor of a digital climate school, my skills have further evolved.

pitchbright° was founded to accelerate positive change through effective marketing. It's all about inspirational teamwork with entrepreneurs bringing meaningful ideas to life - and, along the way, adding more fun to the creative process, for everyone involved.

What's my specialty, you ask? Well, I'm a hybrid-creative, a mix of strategic thinker and creator, able to listen, quickly understand complex challenges and deliver smart solutions fast.

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Felix Glauner

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